3 Keys in Setting Successful Weight Loss Goals

Weight loss, like any other goal, requires a concentrated approach to minimize delays and setbacks, and goal-setting is one effective way to ensure that you are taking the right steps to reach your desired outcome. However, setting weight loss goals is not just about deciding where you’d like to end up. Below are three keys that must be considered in setting successful weight loss goals.

Weight Loss Goal-Setting Key #1 – Where You Are Now

Before you set specific goals, it’s a good idea to get clear about where you are starting. Take a moment to evaluate how much weight you would like to lose, as well as your overall lifestyle habits. If this “big picture” is quite different than the picture you’d like to see when you look at yourself and your life, then setting some specific goals is a good idea because they’ll help you create your desired outcome much more easily.

Weight Loss Goal-Setting Key #2 – Where You’d Like to Be

Do you have a clear idea of the “big picture” of where you’d like to end up? How much you’d like to weigh? What size clothing you’d like to be wearing? How you’d like to feel? How much confidence you’d like to have? Write down a specific list of everything you’d like to accomplish with your weight loss.

Weight Loss Goal-Setting Key #3 – What Stands in Your Way

Now, get clear about what stands in the way between you and the achievement of your goals. List all of your bad habits, fears, and weaknesses, as well as any outside influences that might hold you back. For every item you write on the list, come up with a “counterattack” you can use to prevent it from interfering with your success. For example, if your friends often try to pressure you into eating or drinking more than you want to, you may need to develop some preparations to help you stay on track, like learning how to be more assertive.

Once you’ve set your goals and developed some processes for dealing with challenges, all that remains to be done is steady, consistent effort day by day, and before you know it, you’ll have achieved your weight loss goals.